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Multilingual Content Solutions

Because you deserve a Language Services Company that you can trust.Friendly, dedicated, and reliable.

"It's hard to overstate the value of sending this out in a timely fashion in Arabic - so please convey our deep gratitude to the translators at every opportunity!"

Cairo Office, United Nations Office For The Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

"The expertise they possess, the knowledge for sound advise and strength to provide quality work, even at the tightest deadline."

Federal Emergency Management Agency

"Thank you for an extraordinary effort this week on this monster project. ... Many thanks for a job well done."

Theatre Project Consultants

"aLanguageBank was EXCELLENT.  Their interpreters were fantastic, and their technical folks took care of everything.  I HIGHLY recommend them for future contracts with the Department. Also, thank the both of you for doing this contract on such a crazy-short timeline."

US Department of Education

"You and your team are pretty amazing.  You have no idea what you have done for us."

Legal Services NYC

Examples of our Work

Surveys and focus groups to validate the relevancy for multilingual creative in almost 60 languages
Annual transcreation, including translation and DTP for 150-page Japanese member guide book

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