In brief, ISO – or International Organization for Standardization – is an international body that publishes standards and certifies conformity to those standards. As a language and communications agency that puts quality as a top priority, we understand that staying competitive means being consistent with our promise of quality.

Therefore, our ISO certification is not so much proof of the quality we deliver as much as it is a wholehearted pledge that the aLB team is dedicated to our clients’ communication goals and to the continual improvement of all cross-lingual and cross-cultural services going into every assignment we deliver. This is our pledge for each client we serve, whether their focus is healthcare, government, education, or business, at home in the US or abroad.

What ISO
Means for Our Customers…

1. Customer Focus
Single aLB point of contact and development of client-specific glossaries and style guides
2. Active Leadership
Head-on problem solving and client-centered prevention strategies
3. Engagement of People
Prompt, direct client communication and sharing of invaluable best practices
4. Process Approach
Thorough project documentation, from initial request to final delivery
5. Continual Improvement
Regular performance reviews and integration of client feedback
6. Evidence-Based Decision Making
Industry and management expertise
7. Relationship Management
Reliable quality with a personal touch
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