aLanguageBank is your premium cultural expert, fluent in thousands of languages, customs and lifestyles, going beyond words on a global scale.

Key Benefits

1. Expertise

Our proprietary list of cultural experts includes thousands across 6 continents. We are one organization made up of numerous unique experiences. Not only are our experts language-proficient, they are experts in a wide variety of industries, from healthcare and government, to the arts and entertainment. Our database will match you with the precise experts your project needs; aiding in your efficacy and success.

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2. Quality

Our values go beyond translation. We bring professionalism, seamless workflow, and rigorous standards to every project. Upholding the highest degree of quality control based on ISO 9001 certification standards, we also provide multiple rounds of revision and managerial oversight at all stages of the project.

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3. Customer service

We provide one-on-one guidance, with designated and real account managers lighting the way. With our highly attentive and dedicated team, you will never be alone as your project shapes and grows.
Peiwen Shih
Matthew Salinas
Karim Pacheco
Head of Production
Husain Ansar
Account Manager
Jovany Gertler
Creative Content Producer
Yeojin Park
Localization & IT Administrator

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