About Us

At aLanguageBank, we help our clients expand and manage their content for global audiences through multilingual and multicultural services and consulting. From transcreation to cultural consulting, we can help you in any language, in any medium. Communication is global, and so is your business.

aLanguageBank began as the language services department within a multicultural marketing agency. In the 1990s, that agency’s owner and founder took that department and made it into its own company. We were literally born out of the marketing industry, in one of the most multicultural and multilingual cities in the world, New York.

Let our unique combination of language specialists and marketing specialists help you reach and engage with global audiences.

Our Mission

With almost two decades of experience, aLanguageBank has been true to its mission of improving communication among people of different languages and cultures.

We live in a global economy now, and we have to adapt and – more importantly – understand the needs of each marketplace. We know that your messaging and information are carefully crafted in its source language. And we implement equal efforts in developing in-language solutions for you.

Technology is bringing every part of the world closer together every day. And some automated solutions help break down some language barriers. But we know that real connection is more than just information. aLanguageBank feels compelled to connect all the peoples of the world at an emotional level.